League Rules, Requirements and Expectations:



  1. Wear complete uniforms. Matching colored numbered jerseys, shorts, socks and shin guards. Tennis shoes or indoor shoes only. No cleats.
  2. Each team is required to bring a game-ball. (Any indoor soccer ball is fine)
  3. Each team is allowed to register a maximum of 10 players. Each player must be added to the online team roster.
  4. Leagues with 8 or more teams have up to week 10 to register new players. Players registered after week 10 will not be eligible for playoffs and will not be added to the roster. (Leagues with 7 or less teams will have 7 weeks)
  5. All games are scheduled ahead of time. Games cannot be cancelled or re-scheduled. Any team that cancels the day of the game will be responsible for both team’s game fees. Failure to appear without prior notice may result in the team’s removal from the league.