The Black Army 1850 and Intaktics Soccer have been working together in a variety of charity events since 2012. Black Army, a local soccer supporter group and supporter group of L.A.F.C. thrive on being the #1 supporter group in the Los Angeles Area. Everyone is welcome because the BA believes that everyone is equal. No type of hatred will be tolerated.

Together, the Black Army 1850 and Intaktics Soccer have done multiple events to give back to the community such as the annual “Backpack Drive”, a clothes thrive and a sandwich drive.

The annual Back Pack Drive collects as many backpacks as possible to help out the kids of the Hawthorne School District who do not have backpacks. In 2015 over 90 backpacks were collected and given to needy children.

On May 30 2015, the Black Army teamed up with Intaktics Soccer and made over 1,000 sandwiches and collected over 1,000 bottled waters for the homeless of LA. The waters and sandwiches were personally handed out the following day by the members of Black Army and the staff of Intaktics Soccer.

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